E-mill™ 3VK


  • U.S. made "Baldor Super E" high efficiency motor.
  • Fan cooling system dissipates heat efficiently.
  • Hand-scraped contact surfaces between turret and column.
  • MEEHANITE casting.
  • Top brand Vector-type AC frequency inverter drive.
  • Turn-in the hand handle.
  • Protective automotive paint ensures life-long appearance.
  • Dish-in coolant base.
  • 3 HP variable speed from 60 to 4,500 RPM.
  • Allen-Bradley electrical components.
  • One piece quill pinion & shaft.
  • Extra oiler lubricates the quill in its housing.
  • Precision hardened & ground knee axis to HRC 52.
  • Table surface is HRC 52.
  • All lead screws are ground finished.
  • Dovetail ways of X and Y axes are hardened and ground.
  • Chrome plated chip guards.

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