E-mill™ with ANILAM 3-Axis


  • ANILAM 3300MK CNC controls.
  • 3 HP "Baldor" high efficient motor for high torque output.
  • C.N.C. vector-type AC frequency drive.
  • Infinite 0-4500 RPM constant spindle speed, change in no time (0-4 sec).
  • Machine can run on single or three phase without changing the wiring.
  • Low maintenance and down time cost because no plastic insert, key, and moving pulley.
  • No R.P.M. changer break down, but accurate reading on R.P.M. to prolong tool life.
  • Electronic and mechanical brake for fast spindle stop.
  • No belt slippage for high efficient torque output.
  • Boring and tapping application.
  • Save energy costs up to 35%.

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