with ATC featuring ANILAM Control



  • ANILAM 6000M Control with state-of-the-art features & Programmable Spindle Speed.
  • Gear Type ATC with proximity sensors.
  • Extra wide, two linear guide ways.
  • 24 station arm type ATC.
  • Tool holder is made from nylon and fiberglass.
  • Full enclosure splash guard.
  • Tool to tool change time is at 3.6 seconds.
  • Standard transformer for machine power.
  • Side door for tool cutting view.
  • Servo motor is directly coupled through a (German made) nylon coupling to the ball screw.
  • Removable chip tank.
  • Removable coolant tank for easy cleaning.


  • Torque chart for 10 HP spindle motor.
  • Floating tool change device will reduce wear and pressure on the spindle.
  • Easy layout and CE standard electric cabinet.
  • Two-stage warning light.
  • 90 swivel control panel.
  • Extra wide linear guide ways.
  • Easy layout on the control panel.
  • Standard halogen light.
  • Tool clamp/unclamp button.
  • CAT #40 spindle with 5 bearings for heavy cutting.
  • Coolant nozzles and air blast are standard.
  • Three axes linear guide ways by THK, NSK or equivalent.
  • The machine is weighed at 12,100 lbs.
  • Coolant level indicator.

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