10 Great Reasons To Buy ACER VMC...

Speed 1: GO DIRECT. Machine Print (DXF) to Part Right on ACER VMC.

Speed 2: GO MACHINIST LANGUAGE Program with Graphics. Easy to Learn. Simple to Operate. (No G-CODE & M-CODE Background Required)

Speed 3: GO DIGITAL SYSTEM. For High Speed Machining to Reduce Part Making Time without Sacrificing Accuracy.

Speed 4: GO ETHERNET. Transfers Files in Seconds.

Speed 5: GO ARM TYPE Automatic Tool Changer. Fast Tool Change -- 3 sec. & won't lose Z travel.

Speed 6: GO EXTRA WIDE Linear Guideway for Fast Speed 1180 / 1180 / 945 IPM Rapid Travel.

Speed 7: GO HEAVY MACHINE Weight & Construction to Handle High Speed Machining. We Only Believe Simple Mass Rule for Basic Design. (NO MINI in Our VMC Design!)

Speed 8: GO OFFLINE PROGRAMMING. Exact Same Control Format. Operator Can Program Anytime, Anywhere.

Speed 9: GO QUICK PROGRAMMING TOOLS. Enhanced Graphic Help Menu for G-CODE / M-CODE Programming. Rotate, Scale, Corner Rounding, Safe Zones, Parametric Programming, Modal Subprogram & Subprograms with Repetition & Nested 20 Levels, 2-1/2 D CAM, Macro Programming, 99 Work Coordinate Offsets, Powerful Edit Functions (copy, cut, paste, find, replace, restore line, un-delete, etc.) Canning Cycles - Over 30 Canned Functions Included for Quick Programming.

Speed 10: GO HIGH-TECH HARDWARE. Dual Processors for Real Time Cutting with Graphics. 16MB DRAM Upgradable to 64MB. 6GB Hard Drive -- Biggest in Industry with 14" TFT Color Screen. NO EXTRA CHARGE!