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  • Spindle run-out within 0.00015″.
  • Enlarged honey comb-ribbed column is designed for heavy duty grinding. Standard high is at 28-5/16″.
  • Continuous flood type lubrication system to reduce machine wear and maintain the accuracy of the machine.
  • Revolutionary proximity switch on table and crossfeed movement.
  • Zero-setting slip rings with venier scale on both Z & Y axes.
  • Crossfeed precision ball screw allows for zero backlash.
  • Saddle lock/unlock device.
  • Magnetic separator & paper filter system.
  • FC-25 casting iron allows for maximum damping and stress relief.
  • Turcite-B coated spindle housing.
  • Direct drive spindle motor. Front mount flanged type spindle design for heavy duty grinding.
  • Able to hold more than 1,000 lbs as work load.
  • Preset table speed hydraulic control allows for fine increment of table speed.
  • Double V of crossfeed system is 36″ wide for maintaining table flatness accuracy.
  • Three axes fully microprocessor controlled system with LED panel display.
  • Safety 24V contol circuit.
  • Rough and fine downfeed system is controlled by precise stepping motor control.
  • Power disconnect safety device on electric-cabinet.
  • Levelling bolts and pads.
  • Machine weight more than 7,000 lbs.