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  • Piston supporting base and rods.
  • Oil temperature regulating device.
  • Hydraulic tank.
  • Metal type splash guard.
  • CE standard electric cabinet with cooling fan design.
  • Large spindle housing with wheel guard able to hold 3″ thick wheel.
  • AC crossfeed motor control.
  • Horizontal way cover to seal off grids and coolant from damaging the slide ways.
  • Stress relief Z axis structure with NC control.
  • V-3 grade 30 HP spindle motor is dynamically balanced with the coupling.
  • Servo motor driven Z axis.
  • Z axis timed auto lubrication pump.
  • Maximum crossfeed stop limit switches.
  • Crossfeed hand wheel is indexed with 0.001″ per graduation.
  • Lateral beam is made from high tensile cast iron and is stress free!
  • Ergonomically designed pendant style control panel has 24 volts control circuit.
  • An attached rail guard with clear film to stop coolant splash-out.
  • Re-circulating auto-lubricating system.
  • Oil distributor with adjusting valves design.
  • Variable chuck control master (optional).
  • Heavy ribbed column is the joint between the machine base and lateral beam.
  • Flow control lever to change table speed.
  • Directional control valve to change table direction.
  • Massive machine base weighs over 13,200 lbs (80″ model).
  • Working table with electro-magnetic chuck.
  • Re-circulating auto-lubricating system.
  • Accordion type way cover.