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Machining Centers


EMC-2240A Y Axis Section
EMC-2240A X Axis Section
EMC-2240A Tool Pot up-down Mechanism Assy
EMC-2240A Tool Pot Assy
EMC-2240A Signal Parts
EMC-2240A Sheet Metal Section II
EMC-2240A Sheet Metal Section I
EMC-2240A Output Parts & Motor Parts
EMC-2240A Motor & Cam Assy
EMC-2240A Input Shaft
EMC-2240A Idler Sprocket & Rocker Part
EMC-2240A Electrical Layout
EMC-2240A Control Element Position
EMC-2240A Body & Magazine Plate Assy
EMC-2240A Arm Assy


VMC-2240XL Electrical Layout
VMC-2040L Electrical Layout
VMC-2040L Control Panel
VMC-1824 Electrica Layout
VMC-1824 Control Panel
VMC-1724 Electrical Layout
VMC-1724 Control Panel

Milling Machines


E-mill™ 5VK Spindle Assembly
E-mill™ 5VK Head Top Housing
E-mill™ 5VK Head Back Gear
E-mill™ 5VK Hand Feed Assembly
E-mill™ 5VK Control Panel
E-mill™ 5VK Basic Machine
E-mill™ 5VK Auto Feed Assembly
E-mill™ 3VS/3VK/3VKH Milling Head
E-mill™ 3VS/3VK/3VKH Leadscrew Assembly
E-mill™ 3VS/3VK/3VKH Head Top Housing
E-mill™ 3VS/3VK/3VKH Head Back Gear
E-mill™ 3VS/3VK/3VKH Control Panel
E-mill™ 3VS/3VK/3VKH Basic Machine
E-mill™ Electronic Components 1350 W
E-mill™ Electronic Components 400 W


Bed-mill 1454 Z Axis Section
Bed-mill 1454 Y Axis Section
Bed-mill 1454 X Axis Section
Bed-mill 1454 Sheet Metal Section
Bed-mill 1454 Control Box & Its Assembly
Bed-mill 1350 Z Axis Section
Bed-mill 1350 Y Axis Section
Bed-mill 1350 X Axis Section
Bed-mill 1350 Sheet Metal Section #2
Bed-mill 1350 Sheet Metal Section #1
Bed-mill 1350 Control Box & Its Assembly

Ultima Conventional Mill

Ultima 4VKII Milling Head
Ultima 4VKII Leadscrew Assembly
Ultima 4VKII Head Top Housing
Ultima 4VKII Head Back Gear
Ultima 4VKII Basic Machine
Ultima 3VS/3VK/3VKH Milling Head
Ultima 3VS/3VK/3VKH Leadscrew Assembly
Ultima 3VS/3VK/3VKH Head Top Housing
Ultima 3VS/3VK/3VKH Head Back Gear
Ultima 3VS/3VK/3VKH Basic Machine

Surface Grinders


Supra-818AHD Table
Supra-818AHD Spindle
Supra-818AHD Saddle
Supra-818AHD Electrical Layout
Supra-818AHD Electrical Box
Supra-818AHD Control Panel
Supra-818AHD Column
Supra-818AHD Base
Supra-818AHD Auto Elevating Mechanism
Supra-618 Table
Supra-618 Spindle
Supra-618 Saddle
Supra-618 Column
Supra-618 Base

Supra II

Supra-618AHII Valve Assy
Supra-618AHII Table Saddle Base Assy
Supra-618AHII Table Hand Feed Assy
Supra-618AHII Spindle Assy
Supra-618AHII Longitudinal Hydraulic Cylinder Assy
Supra-618AHII Electrical Layout
Supra-618AHII Cross Switch Assy
Supra-618AHII Cross Feed Assy
Supra-618AHII Control Panel
Supra-618AHII Column Assy
Supra-618II Upper and Lower Transmission Assy
Supra-618II Table Saddle Base Assy
Supra-618II Table Hand Feed Assy
Supra-618II Spindle Assy
Supra-618II Electrical Layout
Supra-618II Cross Feed Assy
Supra-618II Control Panel
Supra-618II Column Assy


AGS-1020AHD/1224AHD/1632AHD Valve Assy
AGS-1020AHD/1224AHD/1632AHD Upper, Lower Transmission Assy
AGS-1020AHD/1224AHD/1632AHD Table Saddle Base Assy
AGS-1020AHD/1224AHD/1632AHD Spindle Assy
AGS-1020AHD/1224AHD/1632AHD Parallel Dresser
AGS-1020AHD/1224AHD/1632AHD Longitudinal Hand Feed Assy
AGS-1020AHD/1224AHD/1632AHD Hydraulic Pump Unit Assy
AGS-1020AHD/1224AHD/1632AHD Hydraulic Cylinder Assy
AGS-1020AHD/1224AHD/1632AHD Electrical Layout (For 2007 and After)
AGS-1020AHD/1224AHD/1632AHD Electrical Layout (Before 2007)
AGS-1020AHD/1224AHD/1632AHD Down Feed For Right Hand Screw
AGS-1020AHD/1224AHD/1632AHD Cross Feed Control Limit Switch Assy
AGS-1020AHD/1224AHD/1632AHD Cross Feed Assy
AGS-1020AHD/1224AHD/1632AHD Control Panel

Surface Grinder Accessories

Surface Grinder Accessories Magnetic Separator
Surface Grinder Accessories Dust Suction Coolant System Assy
Surface Grinder Accessories Coolant System with Paper Filter #2
Surface Grinder Accessories Coolant System with Paper Filter #1
Surface Grinder Accessories Coolant System

Engine Lathes


Dynamic-24SeriesG & 29SeriesG Taper Turning Attachment
Dynamic-24SeriesG & 29SeriesG Tailstock
Dynamic-24SeriesG & 29SeriesG Steady Rest
Dynamic-24SeriesG & 29SeriesG Headstock III
Dynamic-24SeriesG & 29SeriesG Headstock II
Dynamic-24SeriesG & 29SeriesG Headstock I
Dynamic-24SeriesG & 29SeriesG Headstock Front Panel
Dynamic-24SeriesG & 29SeriesG Gear Box II
Dynamic-24SeriesG & 29SeriesG Gear Box I
Dynamic-24SeriesG & 29SeriesG Follow Rest
Dynamic-24SeriesG & 29SeriesG Electrical Layout
Dynamic-24SeriesG & 29SeriesG Cross Slide and Saddle Assy
Dynamic-24SeriesG & 29SeriesG Change Gear
Dynamic-24SeriesG & 29SeriesG Carriage
Dynamic-24SeriesG & 29SeriesG Brake Mechanism
Dynamic-24SeriesG & 29SeriesG Bed 120
Dynamic-24SeriesG & 29SeriesG Bed 60-80
Dynamic-24SeriesG & 29SeriesG Apron III
Dynamic-24SeriesG & 29SeriesG Apron II
Dynamic-24SeriesG & 29SeriesG Apron I
Dynamic-24SeriesG & 29SeriesG Accessory of Bed
Dynamic-17SeriesG Taper Turning Attachment
Dynamic-17SeriesG Tailstock
Dynamic-17SeriesG Steady Rest
Dynamic-17SeriesG Headstock II
Dynamic-17SeriesG Headstock I
Dynamic-17SeriesG Gear Box II
Dynamic-17SeriesG Gear Box I
Dynamic-17SeriesG Eletrical Layout
Dynamic-17SeriesG Carriage and Tool Slide
Dynamic-17SeriesG Control Panel
Dynamic-17SeriesG Brake Mechanism II
Dynamic-17SeriesG Brake Mechanism I
Dynamic-17SeriesG Apron
Dynamic-1440G Tailstock
Dynamic-1440G Steady and Follow Rest Micro Stop
Dynamic-1440G Saddle and Top Slide II
Dynamic-1440G Saddle and Top Slide I
Dynamic-1440G Headstock Gear Shift
Dynamic-1440G Headstock
Dynamic-1440G Gear Train
Dynamic-1440G Gear Box Gear Shift
Dynamic-1440G Gear Box
Dynamic-1440G Electrical Layout
Dynamic-1440G Control Panel
Dynamic-1440G Bed II
Dynamic-1440G Bed I
Dynamic-1440G Apron
Dynamic-1340G Top-Slide
Dynamic-1340G Threading Indicator
Dynamic-1340G Swing Frame and Gears, End Cover
Dynamic-1340G Tailstock
Dynamic-1340G Steady and Follow Rest
Dynamic-1340G Saddle and Cross-Slide
Dynamic-1340G Main Motor and Brake Shoes Assy
Dynamic-1340G Headstock: Spindle and Gear
Dynamic-1340G Headstock: Casting and Control
Dynamic-1340G Gear Box: Gear and Shaft (Inch)
Dynamic-1340G Gear Box: Casting and Control
Dynamic-1340G Electrical Layout
Dynamic-1340G Control Panel
Dynamic-1340G Chuck Guard Limit Switch
Dynamic-1340G Cabinet and Panels, Pump System
Dynamic-1340G Bed Rack Leadscrew and Shaft
Dynamic-1340G Apron: Gear and Shaft
Dynamic-1340G Apron: Casting


E-lathe 17Series Headstock II
E-lathe 17Series Headstock I
E-lathe 17Series (S11) Electrical Layout
E-lathe 17Series (S9) Electrical Layout
E-lathe 17Series Control Panel
E-lathe 1440V (Renamed from 1440G) Top Slide
E-lathe 1440V (Renamed from 1440G) Threading Indicator
E-lathe 1440V (Renamed from 1440G) Taper Turning Attachment
E-lathe 1440V (Renamed from 1440G) Tailstock
E-lathe 1440V (Renamed from 1440G) Swing Frame and Gears, End Cover
E-lathe 1440V (Renamed from 1440G) Steady Rest and Follow Rest
E-lathe 1440V (Renamed from 1440G) Saddle and Cross-Slide
E-lathe 1440V (Renamed from 1440G) Left Apron: Casting
E-lathe 1440V (Renamed from 1440G) Headstock: Spindle and Gears
E-lathe 1440V (Renamed from 1440G) Headstock: Casting and Controls
E-lathe 1440V (Renamed from 1440G) Gear Box: Gear and Shaft
E-lathe 1440V (Renamed from 1440G) Gear Box: Casting and Controls
E-lathe 1440V (Renamed from 1440G) Control Panel
E-lathe 1440V (Renamed from 1440G) Chuck Guard Limit Switch
E-lathe 1440V (Renamed from 1440G) Cabinet and Panels, Pump System
E-lathe 1440V (Renamed from 1440G) Bed Rack Lead Screw and Shafts
E-lathe 1440V (Renamed from 1440G) Apron: Gear and Shaft