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Part / Surface Grinders


Supra-818AHD Table
Supra-818AHD Spindle
Supra-818AHD Saddle
Supra-818AHD Electrical Layout
Supra-818AHD Electrical Box
Supra-818AHD Control Panel
Supra-818AHD Column
Supra-818AHD Base
Supra-818AHD Auto Elevating Mechanism
Supra-618 Table
Supra-618 Spindle
Supra-618 Saddle
Supra-618 Column
Supra-618 Base

Supra II

Supra-618AHII Valve Assy
Supra-618AHII Table Saddle Base Assy
Supra-618AHII Table Hand Feed Assy
Supra-618AHII Spindle Assy
Supra-618AHII Longitudinal Hydraulic Cylinder Assy
Supra-618AHII Electrical Layout
Supra-618AHII Cross Switch Assy
Supra-618AHII Cross Feed Assy
Supra-618AHII Control Panel
Supra-618AHII Column Assy
Supra-618II Upper and Lower Transmission Assy
Supra-618II Table Saddle Base Assy
Supra-618II Table Hand Feed Assy
Supra-618II Spindle Assy
Supra-618II Electrical Layout
Supra-618II Cross Feed Assy
Supra-618II Control Panel
Supra-618II Column Assy


AGS-1020AHD/1224AHD/1632AHD Valve Assy
AGS-1020AHD/1224AHD/1632AHD Upper, Lower Transmission Assy
AGS-1020AHD/1224AHD/1632AHD Table Saddle Base Assy
AGS-1020AHD/1224AHD/1632AHD Spindle Assy
AGS-1020AHD/1224AHD/1632AHD Parallel Dresser
AGS-1020AHD/1224AHD/1632AHD Longitudinal Hand Feed Assy
AGS-1020AHD/1224AHD/1632AHD Hydraulic Pump Unit Assy
AGS-1020AHD/1224AHD/1632AHD Hydraulic Cylinder Assy
AGS-1020AHD/1224AHD/1632AHD Electrical Layout (For 2007 and After)
AGS-1020AHD/1224AHD/1632AHD Electrical Layout (Before 2007)
AGS-1020AHD/1224AHD/1632AHD Down Feed For Right Hand Screw
AGS-1020AHD/1224AHD/1632AHD Cross Feed Control Limit Switch Assy
AGS-1020AHD/1224AHD/1632AHD Cross Feed Assy
AGS-1020AHD/1224AHD/1632AHD Control Panel

Surface Grinder Accessories

Surface Grinder Accessories Magnetic Separator
Surface Grinder Accessories Dust Suction Coolant System Assy
Surface Grinder Accessories Coolant System with Paper Filter #2
Surface Grinder Accessories Coolant System with Paper Filter #1
Surface Grinder Accessories Coolant System