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Tech Support Files / Surface Grinders


Solution for No Upfeed with Wheel Spinning
Procedure to Check for Electric Auto Parallel Dresser
Procedure to Rewire Magnetic Separator and Paper Filter from 220V to 440V
Procedure to Change Taian Contactor Coil
Procedure to Change 220V 3 Phase to 440V 3 Phase for Surface Grinder
Induction Motor for Magnetic Separator and Paper Filter
Electro Magnetic Chuck Controller Operation Manual
Electrochuck Control Wiring to Machine
Coolant Paper Filter Mesh Size
ACER Grinders Power Consumption


Taking off Longitudinal Handwheel Procedure for AGS-2040SD
Procedure to Swap Upper & Lower Lead Screw
Procedure to Setup AGS-2480AHD Crossfeed & Long. feed Ass'y
New Version for Procedure to Dismantle and Assemble the AGS-2448AHD
Procedure to Setup AGS-2040SD
Procedure to Setup AGS-2040AHD Surface Grinder
Procedure to Setup AGS-1224AHD Surface Grinder
Procedure to Setup AGS-1020AHD Surface Grinder
Procedure to Adjust Direction Control Arm (Uneven Speed)
No Auto Downfeed Troubleshooting for AGS-1020 ~ 1632AHD
Cylinder of Downfeed for AGS-1020AHD
AGS Grinder Series Handwheel Verification
AGS Grinder Oil Leaking Check Procedure
AGS Grinder Spindle / Hydraulic Motor Wiring


Rubber Coupling for Supra-618, 818 (New and Old)
Procedure to Setup Supra-1640AHD
Procedure to Setup Supra-818AHD
Procedure to Rewire Supra-1428, 1632, 1640AHD to 440V
Procedure to Adjust Table Movement for Supra 1428AHD and Above

Supra II

Videos from a customer using a Supra-618II
Adjusting Head A and Head B Spindle Housing for Supra-618II
Procedure to Change PLC & Battery for Supra-618II ASD
Procedure to Setup Supra-618IIASD Tech
Supra-618IIASD User Guide
Procedure to Setup Supra-618AH II Tech


Supra-1640PD Manufacturer's Default
PLC Parameter Replacement Steps
Update PLC by the Backup Device
Procedure for Changing PLC's Battery
Checking if BAT LOW has Caused to Loose Parameters
Supra-1428PD New Electrical Layout
Procedure to Setup Supra-1640PD
Procedure to Setup Supra 1224PD
Procedure to Setup Supra-818PD