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Tech Support Files / Milling Machines

Milling Head

Disassembling the ACER Milling Head Auto Downfeed
Spindle Bearing Installation
Spindle- R8 Dimensions
Spindle- NST30 Dimensions
Ram Adapter Dimensions
Quill & Nose Piece Dimensions
Procedure to Replace E-mill Head (4 Methods)
Procedure to Replace Collet Alignment Screw
Procedure to Replace Clock Spring
Procedure to Install E-mill Head for Kondia Mill
Procedure to Increase the Return Clock Spring Tension
Procedure to Change Spindle
Forward Reverse Switch (Old and New Style)- MP9501
E-mill 5VK Head Dimensions
E-mill R8 Head Dimensions (3VS/3VK/3VKH)
Draw Bar Dimensions- NT30
Draw Bar Dimensions- Cat40
Connection to FRS Switch
Connection to FRS Switch (new)
220V and 440V Wiring


Y Axis Ball Screw Dimensions for Bed-mill 1350B
Wiring for 110V Coolant Pump for Mini Bed-mill
Programable RPM Spindle Wiring
Procedure to Setup ATM 1050 with Fagor 3 Axis Control
Procedure to Setup Bed-mill 1454
Procedure to Setup Bed-mill with Fagor 3 Axis Control
Procedure to Setup ATM-1054 w/ ATC w/ Fagor 8055i FL-MC Control
Procedure to Replace Clock Spring
ATM 1050 with Acu-Rite MillPWR Control


Habor Oil Chillers Instruction Manual
Calculating Amperage for Machines
Hydraulic Actuator for 10" Turning Center
Procedure for Replacing the Pressure Spring
CESP- Turn On Feeding, Turn On Interval
Procedure to Cut Down the Volume of Oil for the YET-N/E Auto Lube
Procedure to Change Normally Open Pressure Switch
Coolant Pump Wiring Diagram
Coolant Pump Sizes
Back Gear Grease (Heavy Grease)
Lubricant Oil for ACER Models
ACER Lathe Lubrication Oil Chart
Procedure to Setup ATL-2580 w/ Fagor CNC Control
Procedure to Setup ATL-1840E w/ Fagor CNC Control
Coolant System on Sauter
Boring Bar Block Sketch for H4 Auto Turret
Automatic Tool Post Model LDB4 Installation Manual
ATL Electric Square Tool Post
ATL Cutting Guidelines
Dynamic 3580 Oil Country Lathe Tech Support
T-Slot Plate Dimensions Dynamic & E-Lathe
Single Phase (1PH) Wiring for E-Lathe 17" SeriesG
Single Phase (1PH) Wiring for E-Lathe 1440V
Procedure to Replace Steady Rest Bearings
Procedure to Replace Gear Box for 17" Series Lathe
Procedure to Relocate an ACER Lathe
Procedure to Install the Threading Assistant
Procedure to Install Scale on 17" Series Lathe
Procedure to Drain Oil in Lathe
Procedure to Install Emergency Breaker on E-Lathe 2160GH
Procedure to Adjust the Backlash of the Crossfeed Leadscrew- (Old)
Procedure to Adjust the Backlash of the Crossfeed Leadscrew- (New)
Oil Pump Pictures for Dynamic & E-Lathe 17" Series
How to Operate E-Lathe‚Ñ¢ with CSS
How to Reverse Spindle Rotation on E-Lathe 17" Lathe
How to Align Headstock
Gear Rack Dimensions For Dynamic & E-Lathe 17" Series